Our programme for haunted installations covers small installations for  7.000 € to large-scale ones for theme parks for up to 2.900.000 €. We do not make ordinary ghost trains, but create new ride-installations

We offer equipment for:

1. theme parks
2.  theme restaurants (and/or function rooms in hotels),
3. castles
4. performers

a world first:  " The labyrinth of monsters "

What follows is a description of a large-scale ride-installation made for theme parks.

Parts of it can be used for smaller installations.


Copyright 2002. Reserve all rights.

Exhibit installation, special effect armchairs, special effect windows, special effect doors, special effect ceiling. Other special effects: thunderstorms, fog, rain.
Ghosts & Ghouls: Louise (seductive woman), a strong evil man, Azareel (monster), Satan.

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