The dungeons are down a dark passageway. Behind each iron door is a prisoner.

Click on a door to play the sound file of the prisoner lurking behind:
Wave-Tondatei 1 laden
Wave-Tondatei 2 laden
Wave-Tondatei 3 laden
In the first cell is Louise
In the second is a very evil man.
In the third 
 Azareel is imprisoned.
An area of only 50 cm depth is needed behind each door for the installation of the technology.  The doors are computer operated, being activated when a member of the public approaches.

Video downloads available below.
Downloading and playing the video clips at the same time causes them to judder and run badly. Therefore, first download the clip fully (with a right mouseclick, and save to your harddrive) and then play the clip. When playing the clip immediately enlarge the picture to full size.  Long download time: approx. 15 - 20 minutes with modem, DSL approx. 1 minute.

Video - the evil man                Video - Monster Azareel behind iron door

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