In an exhibit room  there are 10 iron armchairs that are very reminiscent of electric chairs. Here there is a scare-experience, using three-dimensional sound technology in synthetic head-stereo.

In almost complete darkness, which heightens the publicís powers of imagination, all manner of spooky things are heard. The special technology makes noises feel as if their source was only 5 cm away from the body.

The three-dimensional acoustics are supported by computer-generated sound effects, as well as by effects of a mechanical kind, which are computer activated.

During this scare-experience each participant has the feeling that he/she is personally spoken to, threatened and attacked.

Wave-Tondatei laden
Click on the picture to play a sound extract

There are three different episodes of the sound experience. They can be changed monthly in order to lure the public again and again to the demonstration:

1. Azareel (the half-dinosaur monster)
2. Louise (the female spirit)
3. The Seance (where at the end satan himself is appearing)

In an installation with 4 (8) exhibit rooms it is possible to pass through 200 (400) people per hour.


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